We stock an extensive range of tile glue and adhesives including all of the below. But remember if what you need isn’t on the list, call us and we can organise the right product for you at the right price for your project!


• Ardex X7 Adhesive
• Ardex X10 Adhesive
• Ardex X17 Adhesive
• Ardex X18 Adhesive
• Ardex X56 Adhesive
• Ardex X77 Adhesive
• Ardex Quickbond Adhesive
• Ardex D2 Adhesive
• Ardex D5 Adhesive
• Ardex Optima Adhesive
• Ardex CA20P Adhesive
• Ardex CA750
• RLA Mastik Adhesive
• Addflextra Adhesive
• Mapei Ultralite Grey S1 Adhesive
• Mapei Ultralite White S2 Adhesive
• Extrabond 25kg Adhesive
• Megapoxy PM Adhesive
• Megapoxy PF Adhesive
• Megapoxy 69
• Solido Bianco Adhesive
• Solido Nero Adhesive
• Solido Transparente Adhesive
• Solido Paglierino Adhesive
• 3G Adhesive
• Universal colours
• T-Rex Power Adhesive
• T-Rex Extreme Adhesive
• T-Rex Turbo